Six Stage Repair Process

All body repairs are carried out using a six stage process:

Stage One - Initial Inspection

All vehicles are inspected to assess the full extent of the damage.

Stage Two - Chassis Check

Once stripped the vehicle chassis can be checked and if necessary realigned using a Celette Churchill body jig by our highly trained staff.

Stage Three - Preparation

The damaged body panels are removed from the vehicle and replaced with new ones. Slight damage can be filled and then moulded back into its original shape. Once this has been done the vehicle is sanded and smoothed ready for painting.

Stage Four - Spraying

After panels are replaced the vehicle is ready to enter our Burntwood Spray Bake Oven to be painted using PPG and Max Mayer paints.

The Burntwood Spray Bake Oven is especially designed to eliminate dust, and once sprayed the vehicle can be left to dry until ready, ensuring a finish of outstanding quality and durability.

Stage Five - Assembly

After the painting process is complete the vehicle is ready to be re-assembled. Once reassembled all vehicles are personally checked by Allan MacDonald (who has over 40 years experience of spray painting) before being returned to the customer.

Stage Six - Valet and Return

Upon completion of repairs the vehicle is valeted ready to be returned to the customer.

This is Billy, Allan's Grandson and Head of Valeting